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Nestled in Central New York is a rare find of a family run business. FabFour Nursery is named after our sons, Michael, Daniel, Dylan, Mark and Gary and our granddaughters Casey, Adelyn, Amelia and Georgia and our first grandson Miles joined the family in January 2017!


What makes us such a rare find?  Our backyard nursery offers most plants at $5.97!!!! How can we do that? We grow everything here on site and we strive to keep plants hardy for your growing zone. Most plants offered here are plants hardy from Zone 3-9. Check your zone to be sure the plant you want is well suited for your growing conditions.


Our beds are full with: $5.97 plants!!!!

June bearing Strawberries 'Jewel',  Black Raspberries 'Black Cap', Heritage Red Raspberries, Blueberries - Blue Crop, Elliot & Jersey, Annabelle Hydrangeas, Pink Diamond Hydrangeas, Phantom Hydrangeas, Silver Dollar Hydrangeas, PeeGee Hydrangeas, Weigela's six different kinds,  Forsythia-pinks and yellows, Purple Iris's, Rose of Sharon, Spiraea's five different varieties, Miss Kim Lilacs, Ludwig Spaeth Lilacs, Blue Rug Juniper, Roses, Magnolias, Beebalm, Golden Curl Willows, Flowering Quince, Coreopsis, Golden Mop False Cypress, Potentilla, French Pink Pussy Willow, Regular Pussy Willows, English Lavender, warf Burning Bush, Golden Vicary Privet, Viburnums, Kumson Forsythia, Hostas, Daylily’s Stella d'Oro, English Cameo, Gogi berries, herbs & more all at $5.97ea! Need to have it delivered? We ship anywhere in the US except the west coast and cannot ship dogwoods to Florida. 



Need a higher end plant? We have Japanese Maples, greens, reds and grafted, starting at $13.00, Peonies starting at $9.00, Kousa Dogwoods, White Flowering Dogwoods, Pink Flowering Dogwoods for $12.00, Primrose Lilacs, Krasavitsa Moskvy (Beauty of Moscow) Lilacs for $8.97. These are crazy prices, but they are limited, so when they are gone, they are gone!





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News and Updates........

​Gardening 101

New to composting? Its a cinch.  Here in Syracuse, NY where we get all four seasons, we really only have 3 that are beneficial in breaking down the matter to give us the stuff they call  "black gold."  Just start by putting your vegetable and fruit scraps in a pile in the sun (or a small composter), cover with soil and continue to do this to help the food materials to break down.  Add grass clippings, shredded cardboard, cleaned eggshells, old plant material (as long as it is not diseased), and continue to make your compost "sandwich" covering with soil every few layers. Water, do not drench, but water enough to get the pile damp.  Take a pitch fork and turn a couple of times as this aerates the pile. This enhances microbial activity which enhances the breakdown of the material into compost.  When fully "done," compost should be light, fluffy and have a rich dark color like the picture to your left.  You should never have a bad aroma coming from your pile if you are doing it correctly.  It should be a "sweet" earthy smell. Never add dairy items (other than eggshells), meats or diseased plant materials.  

Plant a fruit smorgashboard

I always wanted to be abe to go out my back door and just pick fresh fruits right off the vine! You too?  Well now you can, and its sooo easy! Just make a 4x4 raised bed of cedar or any type of material that will contain your fruits.

Add soil, compost, more soil, more compost until full.  Mix well.  You can add plants (which is much easier than starting from seed) and water well. If you want to add fertilizer, use a slow release type like Osmocote. We have June bearing strawberries, black raspberries, blueberries red raspberries in our own beds and more for sale ~ give us a call, 315-456--8681, we'll hook you up with some very nice plants.


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