June-bearing strawberries are America's favorite, and it's no wonder. They set a large crop in late spring to early summer, the fruit quality is excellent, and they spread easily by runners, keeping the harvests coming for many years

June bearing Strawberry 'Jewel' - fragaria x anana

  • Strawberries grow best in a sunny location with deep, well-drained sandy loam soil with a pH of approximately 6.2. The plants do not tolerate extremes in pH, either below 5.5 or above 7.0. Adequate drainage is essential for healthy strawberries. If your site is poorly drained, plant on ridges or in raised beds. Strawberry plants are shallow rooted and benefit from irrigation. Do not plant strawberries in an area where they were recently grown. Also avoid planting them where tomato, eggplants, potatoes,  and peppers have been grown.

  • 4 - 8