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Say good bye to Winter!

We have spring just around the corner. And thankfully so! The sun and warmth will feel good again, not only to us, but to our plants as well. They've been sleeping away during the cold months and soon they will begin to awaken and begin to bud. When this happens it is a beautiful site, right? Well it is, that is until Mother Nature comes back for one more round of freezing weather, and its that freezing weather that can cause these brand new buds to die. Whats one to do? Professional nurseries use frost blankets to protect annuals and tender seedlings. For those of you that don' have that, you can protect them with any old blankets, sheets, linens or towels, whatever you have on hand, but DO NOT COVER THEM WITH PLASTIC. Plastic is the surest way to killing your plants as they come alive. The plants may be damp, or wet and if temperatures are to go below freezing and you put a plastic tarp over them, the plant will die. It can end up frozen to the plastic in no time at all. With cloth it wont harm the plant if it lies on it. The next morning after it warms up a bit, (above freezing) remove the blankets, linens and sheets and toss them in the laundry. The plants should be fine and the warmth of the sun will definitely perk the plants back up. Well I hope to see you in a month or so, until then, stay warm and continue to plan your garden.

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